We can produce photorealistic renderings and animations of tools for use by manufacturers, resellers or users. We can also deliver blueprints or deliver models that can be shown in 3D on a webpage.

We also have a range of tools that we have designed. These can be used on websites to show tools without having to worry about copyright or royalty issues. The drill shown here is one of these tools.

Industry Tools - Drill


We have created several industry robots and they can be seen in our presentation videos. These includes generic industry robots where we have made animations for welding and baggage handling and soldering robots.

Industry Robot

Aerial Work Platforms

We have produced aerial work platforms for both general use and platforms for use in airports. We can deliver images and animations for use in brochures, posters, training material and commercial videos.

Industry - Scissorlift

Earth Moving Equipment

We can produce realistic images and animations of any type of earth moving equipment including loaders, excavators, dozers and dumpers. These can be used by manufacturers, rental companies, construction companies etc.

Animations can be used by manufacturers to show the capabilities of their products. They can also be used by construction companies to showcase the workflow on a construction yard.

Industry - Loader


We can create images and animations of any type of crane including tower cranes, crawler cranes and harbour cranes. These can be used for brochures, user manuals and training videos.

Trucks and Trailers

3D graphics for trucks and trailers are mainly used for showcasing products. To see our trucks and trailers look under ‘Transportation’ in our ‘Image Portfolio’.