For the medical industry we can help with Technical Computer Graphics, Prototypes, Models and Virtual Reality.

Computer Graphics

We can produce computer graphics as still images and animations. These can be used by hospitals and equipment manufacturers to vizualize products and procedures.

Here is a small collection of examples of what we can deliver :

  • For hospitals: Visualization of products, building and procedures.
  • For manufacturers: Vizualization of parts as posters or brochures.
  • For all: Training material for employees or customers

For more information about computer graphics, look here: Computer Graphics

Prototypes and Models

We can create prototypes and models using 3D printing, casting and composite materials. As a company that excels in both computer graphics and physical models, we can help with the full process from creating the graphics to a final model.

In the avaiation industry we can help with:

  • For hospitals: Creating physical models of airplane parts for presentation or training.
  • For manufacturers: Creating prototypes and models for visualizing existing or future products.

For more information about prototypes and models, look here: Prototypes and Models

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) uses 360 degree images, videos or animations to replicate a real environment using special headsets or VR glasses.

3D glasses combine 3D graphics with what the real world and is called Augmented Reality.

In the aviation industry we can help with:

  • Recording 360 images or videos building, interior and equipment for sales or training material.
  • Animations of exising or future products for display in headsets.
  • Development of software for 3D glasses (Augmented Reailty), which can allow technicians to view information in the glasses while they work.

For more information about Virtual Reality, click her: Virtual Reality