We can produce a large range of prototypes and models. This can be fast 3D printed prototypes or multi-component models that can take weeks to finish. We can take CAD-files from a customer and create modified CAD-files for craeting the models or we can create new CAD-files from scratch if no files exists for the product.

We can produce prototypes and models using:

  • 3D Printing
  • Casting
  • Composite Materials

3D Printing

3D printing is ideal for rapid prototyping because it can take a CAD-file and create a 3D printed model in a few hours.

3D printers are available in a wide range of different models which mainly differ in the types sof material they can use. At KGM 3D Technology we almost exclusively use plastic types such as PLA and ABS. Metal parts are printed externally when needed.

For all materials other than PLA, ABS and metal, we prefer to cast them rather than 3D printing as 3D printed parts has a number of shortcomings due to the layer structure.


By casting models instead of 3D printing has several benefits but it also requires a lot more work to make the mold. The mold can be 3D printed or handmade using foam or similar materials.

The advatages of using casting compared to 3D printing are that there is a large amount of casting materials available and we get a solid object without layers.

Composite Materials

Composits are materials that are composed of a fiber material that is embedded in a solidified material. The most commonly used composite materials are:

  • Fiberglass. Inexpensive.
  • Carbon Fiber. Rigid.
  • Aramid. Strong.

Our Models

We have made a range of models for demonstration ranging from small one-piece models to large motor-driven multi-piece models.

airplane wheels,bogie,retract,flyhjul

We have created this model of an airplanes undercarriage using 3D printing and a few molded plastic parts. The model is motorized and post-processed with painting.

airplane wheels,bogie,retract,flyhjul

This model of a turboprop engine is made in order to be able to run for long periods of time. It is equipped with an electric motor that is geared-down to 5 RPM.

Our tower crane is 3D printed in yellow PLA material and is motorized. It is the only one of the models shown, that has been post-processed.