Virtual Reality cover a wide range of applications where computers are used to simulate real world environments. To create these environments the generated images and videos must be viewed through VR-headsets or glasses. Sounds and physical feedback can also be used to increase realism.

Possibilities by using Virtual reality

The main use of VR today is to capture 360 degree videos of objects like buildings and vehicles. These videos can be used to showcase products for potential buyers. These can be shown on webpages where it can be viewed on phones or in VR headset.

Besides 360 degree video recordings of existing objects, future objects can be visualized using computer graphics. The image at the top of this page is an example where we have made a computer vizualization of a vintage hall.

Another possibility of VR is to combine the surrounding environment with computer graphics using VR glasses. VR glasses are transparent like normal glasses with the addition of  computer graphics that are projected on to the glass.

Our Services

Within Virtual Reality, we can produce:

  • 360 degree computer generated images and animations for webpages and VR-headsets
  • 360 degree fotos or videos for webpages and VR-headsets
  • 360 degree environments for VR-glasses and headset

360 Degree computer generated images

Still images can be used to present static objects like buildings or the inside of vehicles. The advantage of using still images instead of animations is smaller filesizes and less work needed to complete the project.

360 degree images can be used by:

  • The Aerospace Industry to showcase airplane interior, airport buildings and for training customers and amplyees.
  • The Car Industry to show the interior of future cars.
  • The Maritime Industry to visualize future ships or show the view from new harbor areas.
  • The Architecture Industry to show future buildings.

360 Degree photos and videos

360 degree photos and videos can be used to showcase products for potential buyers. These can be shown on webpages where they can be viewed on phones or in VR headset. We have several different VR cameras and we can combine the recordings with computer graphics if necessary.

Photos and videos can be used for the same activities as listed for computer generated images above. The only difference is that photos and videos can only be used for existing products where computer generated images can be used for both existing and future products.

Computer graphics and software for VR glasses

VR glasses allows the user to see the surrounding environment with the addition of computer graphics or information.