KGM 3D Technology is a small 3D testing center that works with technical solutions within programming, data analysis and computer graphics.

We work with both general 3D graphics and Virtual Reality. VR technology is still limited by lack of computing power, but in the course of a 5-10 year we will eventually be able to start to exploit the potential.

See more about computer graphics here: Computer graphics

We are experts in using aerial photos and video along with computer graphics for use, for example. overview map. In addition to experience with photo, video and flight, we also use our great programming experience to generate 2D or 3D cards based on data.

We can produce aerial photography from both aircraft and drones.

See more here: Air Photo ans Maps.

We work with 3D printing, molding and composite materials for making prototypes and models.

This includes:

  • Development of 3D printed prototypes and models
  • Testing of various materials for casting
  • Testing weight savings with different composite materials
  • Development of algorithms for advanced 3D printing

For more information on 3D print and composite materials, click here: Prototypes and Models.