For the architectural industry we can help with Technical Computer Graphics, Prototypes, Models and Virtual Reality.

Computer Graphics

‘We can produce computer graphics as still images and animations. These can be used to display the buildings from the inside as well as from the outside.

Here is a small collection of examples of what we can deliver :

  • For architects : Visualization of buildings or entire neighborhoods.
  • For equipment manufacturers : Showcasing building or furniture by composing them into computer graphics.
  • For contractors : Animation of construction sites and vizualisation of procedures.

For more information about computer graphics, look here: Computer Graphics


Models and Prototypes

3D Printing can be used for creating prototypes and models og products. As a company that excels in both computer graphics and 3D printing, we are capable of helping with the full process of creating the 3D prints.

Here are some examples of what we can deliver :

  • For architects : 3D printed buildings or city blocks.
  • For manufacturers : 3D printed models and prototypes of parts.
  • For contractors : 3D printed models of equipment and construction sites.

For more information about prototypes and models, look here: Prototypes and Models

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) uses 360 degree images, videos or animations to replicate a real environment using special headsets or VR glasses.

We have several different 360 degree cameras that can produce professional recordings for showcasing buildings and equipment .

We can also make 360-degree computer animations. Animations give the opportunity to move around future buildings or display ideas for renovations.

For more information about Virtual Reality, click her: Virtual Reality

KGM3D Helmet for Virtual Reality