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360 Degree: Ship Bridge

This is a 360 visualization of a bridge on a ship. The image is rendered in 6000×3000. This is big enough to provide a clear image and a reasonable filesize for download. For a VR experience the image can be used with headsets and with newer phones you can look around by moving the phone. […]

3D Visualization: UAV

Visualization of a UAV for use in advertisements, on posters or on websites. It is our own design and made for demonstration and for use in computer graphics, that requires general UAVs. This type of computer graphics can be used to visualize existing or future products either as still images or animations. We can take […]

3D Prints of the Week – Week 36

Here is a sample of the 3D prints that we have made this week. These can be used in medicine / healthcare, aviation and the construction industry. All items are developed for demonstration and none of them have been post-processed. Most of the parts have been made with PLA filament, but a few a items […]