3D Visualization of a Satellite

This satellite is our own design and is made for use in video animations together with launch rockets.

It is also designed so that it can be produced as a physical model using 3D printed and fiberglass parts.

3D Visualization – Hot-Air Balloon

This is an image showing the combination of 3-D visualization and aerial phtos. It combines a 3D visualization by a hot air balloon with an aerial photo which we have taken over Copenhagen.

The illustrated hot air balloon is made for general use. It can be used by customers who want to display their logo on a balloon or projects that only need one or more balloons inserted. We can also use them in animations and videos.

The background image is taken from a small Cessna aircraft. We have a pilot in the company and can produce aerial photos in Denmark and neighboring countries. For the rest of world we will use our network in the aerospace industry to find the best solutions.

3D Visualization of Hot Air Ballon over Copenhagen

3D Visualization of Hot Air Ballon over Copenhagen

Arhitectural Renders

Here is an example of some of the computer graphics we can produce for showcasing architecture and interior design.

Remember that we also do 3D printing.


Computergraphics – Airport Tower

3D Visualization of a control tower with one of our regular models Sia inserted.

For use in future projects we have designed two airports. These can be used for projects that need images and animations from a general airport. This could be advertising for aircraft or airport equipment.

For customers who will be using 3D images and animations of their own airports, we can create similar 3D visualizations of existing airports inside as well as outside.

3D visualizations of a control tower as shown here can be used to visualize future buildings or for training of employees.

The model Sia is photographed in front of a green screen and inserted into the picture. We have our own photo studio, which allows us to make professional photos and video-recordings.