3D Visualization: Ground Station for Satellite Communication

Computer-generated model of an ground station for use in satellite communication. The picture is made for demonstration of our computer graphics for aerospace and the model is our own design.

For the aerospace industri we can create models of existing equipment and buildings to be used in catalogs, brochures, posters or for webpages. We can also as shown here produce general models for use in larger graphic compositions along with other models, such as satellites.

3D Visualization: UAV

Visualization of a UAV for use in advertisements, on posters or on websites. It is our own design and made for demonstration and for use in computer graphics, that requires general UAVs.

This type of computer graphics can be used to visualize existing or future products either as still images or animations. We can take existing CAD files in a variety of formats or we can help to create CAD files for new products.

3D Visualization of a Satellite

This satellite is our own design and is made for use in video animations together with launch rockets.

It is also designed so that it can be produced as a physical model using 3D printed and fiberglass parts.

3D Print of the Month

In september we made a lot os samples especially for the medicine and aviation industri.

Most of the objects shown this month have been post-processed.


New 3D Printer

We have purchased one more 3D printer to enable faster completion of large print jobs.

Some of our upcoming 3D printed models contains several large parts and the neew printer will enable us to build large projects in 1 to 2 days.



Computer Graphics – Ship

Computer Graphics showing the brigde of from a ship.